DVD Three Words About Forgiveness

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This film is the sequel of the Three Parables film released in 2010. It features three more parables and three new opportunities to meet the old friends and to think where they are right and where they are wrong. The main character of the first parable is the novice whom we met in the first film where he had to go to the cemetery in order to scold the deceased. He is mistaken again. “You will fall into the sin you blame others for,” his Elder says and sends him on a walk around the village with a vigil lamp in his hands. The novice has to be careful not to spill the oil and not to put the fire out... Maria, who was waiting for Christ to come to her house in the first film, now has her own temptations. It is difficult for her to cope with her country house, and it is even more difficult to forgive people as Christians are supposed to do. It is hard to forgive her neighbour who goes around grudging and is always eager to offend her. It is hard to forgive the beggar who never improves regardless of how much you help him. However, Maria does not abandon hope, she pays back good for evil, prays and waits for a miracle to happen. And the miracle really happens... There were there elderly fishermen who lived on an island, the third parable goes. One day, a renowned and venerable Archimandrite was travelling by boat past the island. When he heard that the holy wonder-workers were thought to be living on that island, he did not believe it and decided to see them with his own eyes. When he found out that the fishermen did not even know the Our Father prayer, he started to teach them how to pray. You will be surprised to see the result...

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DVD Three Words About Forgiveness