049-XC Christ in Majesty

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049-XC Christ in Majesty 4×5 cm
049-XC Christ in Majesty 6×8 cm
049-XC Christ in Majesty 10×12 cm
049-XC Christ in Majesty 15×18 cm
This lacquered icon of Christ the Lord of Hosts is made in the lacquered icons workshop of St Elisabeth Convent. A high-quality printed image is glued to a wooden board made from birchwood or alder and covered with a layer of transparent varnish.The original icon is a famous icon Christ in Majesty painted by Andrei Rublev in 1408.Jesus is shown in the center of the icon, shining with glory and surrounded by the Heavenly Hosts. He is the Ruler of the Universe: the blue circle symbolizes the Heaven - the Heavenly Kingdom - and the red square symbolizes the earth. Four symbols of Evangelists are placed in the four corners of the square to symbolize the propagation of faith throughout the world: the Ox of St Luke, the Angel of St Matthew, the Lion of St Mark, and the Eagle of St John.The iconography is based on a fragment of the fourth chapter of the Revelation written by St JohnThe original icon of Christ the Lord of Hosts is small and not well-preserved: its edges have crumbled from time. Nevertheless, the icon is painted with fine precision and is considered to be one of the best masterpieces by St Andrei Rublev.This lacquered icon of Christ in Majesty comes in several sizes.
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Size (cm)multiple sizes
Icon Board MaterialWood
ImageJesus Christ
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