Tenderness Icons of the Mother of God

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Theotokos "Tenderness" Icon - background and description

Our Lady of Tenderness icon is of the Eleusa (Endearment) type. It portrays the Mother of God at half-length, her cheek touching her son's cheek. Christ strokes her face with one hand and holds out a scroll with divine law in the other. The image leaves an impression of tenderness and endearment and gives us an appreciation of the immensity of God's love for His creations.

In Russia, the original Theotokos icon of tenderness – also known as the “tender kissing” icon - was a copy of the 12th-century icon of Our Lady of Vladimir, brought to Moscow from Kiev by Prince Andrey Bogolubsky. Multiple miracles have been attributed to it, including its miraculous escape from destruction on multiple occasions throughout its history. We turn to this icon for help in overcoming negative thoughts and finding healing for our illnesses.

The Tenderness Icon of the Theotokos: process and delivery

At St Elisabeth Convent, we have been painting icons "Mother of tenderness" since 1998. We have delivered thousands of sacred images to churches and homes across the world. The religious and artistic value of our works comes from many hours of meticulous labour, upkeep of tradition, the skill of our painters and the incessant prayer with which we create our icons.

We adhere to the Byzantine and Russian traditions passed on over centuries from generation to generation. We strongly recommend placing your icon in a kiot for maximum durability.

Enrich the icon collection at your home or church with the Mother of Tenderness icon. Choose from a variety of sizes and multiple variants available, or place a custom order. We encourage you to browse our catalogue and explore the wide selection of church icons.

Please note that the final price depends on your location and delivery option. We will contact you to confirm the details after receiving your order.