Home Health Aide - Sisterhood of mercy from St Elisabeth Convent

In July 2014 two sisters were blessed to begin to take care of the severely ill people and people advanced in years living alone at home.


There are 25 casework sisters and 13 volunteers. There are also three brothers among them. This ministry is currently assisting more than 60 people.


Sisters visit the sick and elderly about 3 or 4 times a week, but in certain cases daily visits are required. 


A visit typically includes sanitary-hygienic care: to wash a person, to change their clothes, to help with other basic needs.


If a person needs physical therapy, then the sisters help with certain exercises against bedsores, change bandages and tend to wounds.


Household help may include cooking, feeding, and shopping for groceries.


The sisters and brothers also do their best to help each patient spiritually if they so desire.

Spiritual support includes praying together, organizing confession and communion for those who cannot make it to church as well as spiritual talks.



 People contact the sisters every day with over 300 requests recently.