Gold Embroidery Workshop

This workshop creates unique items for worship.

Our embroidery artists carefully explore the Ancient Russian, Greek, and Serbian embroidery patterns and techniques.

However, the paints are diluted with turpentine, rather than water. The process of overglaze painting seems easy but in fact, even a person who knows how to paint has to spend months of hard work in order to master this technique. The overglaze ceramics made in our Convent is unique because, unlike many enterprises, we do not use a limited set of pre-composed ornaments. The ceramic workshop does have a rich selection of illustrations, though: flowers, Angels, birds, animals, insects, landscapes and architecture...

The embroideries are designed by iconographers, made using gold, silver, brass threads and natural silk, and decorated with semiprecious stones and pearls.

Our sisters use new machines and modern software to create embroidered pieces of great beauty and magnificence: church vestments, liturgical sets, shrouds, banners, covers and bookmarks for the Gospel.

Outline of the Holy Shroud

Completed Holy Shroud