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Church Candle Holders

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Among the altar supplies, there are large deacon's candlesticks, trikirion, altar candle stands and church candelabras.

On the altar, there are two altar candlesticks with candles placed on the corners of its eastern side.

On the eastern side of the altar, or on it, stands a large seven-branch candelabrum (reminiscent of the Old Testament menorah) with seven lamps or candles. This liturgical attribute has been used since the time of the Tabernacle assembly.

Deacon's candle holder is carried by the deacon in front of the priest during the censing of the church or icons.

The Trikirion is a special candlestick for three candles, used in conjunction with the Dikirion during the episcopal liturgy.

There are also handmade ceramic candle holders for home in the shape of a church from our ceramic workshop.