Athonite Elder: “My Child, Be Careful with Dreaming!”

Avoid  sinful thoughts, cut off your dreaming and every image that may be embarrassing, because the “omniscient” satan is trying to take you away from your God and Creator. And when together with certain thoughts he places blame on a person, then the grace of the Holy Spirit leaves just like a bee flies away from toxic smoke, and the soul remains without grace, without joy, full of depression and sadness. But when we oppose this type of evil dreaming, when we get rid of it and repel it right away, by immediately taking up our spiritual sword with zeal and true faith which is the holy Jesus prayer, then we instantly see how the thief (evil thoughts) runs away, giving victory to reason, which is strengthened by the grace and mercy of God.
The cunning enemy can not bare the sight of the holy Angel, the guardian of our soul, who is always next to us. He tries to remove him so that we are left without a “bodyguard” and then engulf us like a terrible storm, so that the snake in the depths of hell could devour us. He knows that the Angel repels only unchaste thoughts, and raises a cloud of shameful thoughts and dreams, in order to defile the mind, heart and body. But when an ascetic knows about his anger, he immediately takes up the spiritual weapon in Christ and destroys his evil schemes.
My child, be careful with dreaming. All sins take root from dreaming. Therefore, be alert and as soon as a dream takes shape or you start wondering about a certain actions, regardless of what it is, expel what you thought, heard or have seen with anger towards the sin and prayer from your mind. Pray a short but powerful prayer. Pray to the Mother of  od in your mind to help you. Trust God and you will be rewarded with a victory.
You were full of pride, and so the devil began to wage a war against you. Now humble yourself, reprimand yourself and God will help you, seeing your humility.
The same way you run away from a snake ready to bite you or a burning fire, even more so, run away from evil dreams that come from the devil.
I say, be careful, with shameful dreaming. Great spiritual men fell and perished because of them.
Translated by The Catalog of Good Deeds
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