Catalog of St. Elisabeth Convent: Who We Are, What We Do and Why You Should Join Our Ministry

St. Elisabeth Convent, which is well known all over the world, is located in Minsk, Belarus. This pillar of Orthodoxy is one of the main vectors of life, showing how one can wisely combine spirituality with material values. Our Convent strives to do acts of mercy by any means possible, do the charity work and run enlightening and missionary projects. 
Our sisters work hard in the field of Christ, bringing the fruits in the field of social ministry. The convent cares about the patients of psycho-neurological hospitals for children and adults, helps children with special needs, gives spiritual guidance to the patients of numerous city hospitals and takes care for the sick and elderly people. Because of the active work of the Convent’s sisters and the support of our benefactors, a Home-care service was organized in out Convent.
There are two farmsteads at the convents, which are the rehabilitation centers for men and women. More than 200 people live there, who once were rejected by the society because of the mistakes committed in their past. What is more, the rehabilitation centers accept people undergoing treatment after alcohol and drug abuse.
It would be impossible to support our work for the benefit of those in need without the artistic workshops of the Convent that produce wonderful handmade masterpieces, which find their owners all over the world. The activities of our workshops are really wide in their scope: icon-painting, ceramics, sewing and tannery, locksmithery, forging workshop and many others. Due to all these activities, people with special needs and various disabilities can have a paid work at the Convent. Here they get an opportunity to work together with professionals who always strive to share their own experience with the beginners. The union of work and prayer and the professionalism of our craftspeople under constant spiritual guidance make the goods made by our workshops unique indeed.
The Convents also leads its own enlightening activity. The cultural-spiritual centers of the Convent are organized at five universities of the city. At the Convent, there is an Orthodox primary school and kindergarten called “ICHTIUS”. What is more, there is also the Sunday school that includes various artistic classes for children. On the stage of the Convents theatre studio, the plays are staged, in which children with special needs perform as actors.
At the churches of St. Elisabeth Convent (both at the farmsteads and on the territory of the Convent) people live an active liturgical life. Every day the Divine Liturgy is served, during which more than 80 people step to the chalice and partake of Holy Communion. The sisters of mercy and clerics of the Convent visit the residents of the boarding homes and the patients of the Mental Health Hospital.
With the care for our brothers and sisters who live far abroad, the creation of our blog (The Catalog of Good Deeds) was blessed, on which you can find various article on the spiritual and social issues, as well as the latest news about the life of our Convent and our social ministries.
Our activity would be impossible without the help and active participation of our donators who constantly support the Convent’s works and ministries by ordering from our catalog. The Catalog of St. Elisabeth Convent is based on the possibility to not only purchase a high-quality item made with love and prayer, but also to make a donation with this very order: all the proceeds are spent on the social projects of the Convent. Ordering from our catalog, you become not just a donator, but a part of the community of people who care a lot about those who need our help and attention.
We thank all of you for your support and prayers, your deeds and your words, your help in spreading information about us and the work we do. Together we will manage to do even more because nothing good goes unnoticed by the Lord!
The Catalog of Good Deeds
St. Elisabeth Convent, 2019
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  1. I’m looking for how translate your articles from English to Russian. Have you such an option?

    1. Dear Olga, if you mean original articles you should ask bloggers-authors directly following the link by clicking ‘Source’ at the top of an article. Our articles are written by John Nichiporuk and Daria Chechko, you may translate them, but make sure to tag our author and source-link (The Catalog of Good Deeds).

  2. Παρακαλω στειλτε μου εναν καταλογο με τα προσφερομενα ειδη της μονης για να αγορασω κατι μικρο γιατι εχω βγει σε αναστολη εργασιας λογω της αρνησεως μου να κανω το εμβολιο για covid19. Ο θεος μαζι σας. Το εργο σας ειναι τεραστιο.

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