About the Most Serious Damage of a Person

Why do believers have different levels of trust in God?

The reasons lie in our thoughts. There are good and damaged thoughts. They are key to our salvation or downfall.

Damaged thoughts – distortion of reality – lead to serious mistakes in knowledge of God, relationships between people, to wrong guidelines and any further bad deeds.

Good thought without selfishness, vanity, selfish motivations bears good fruit, gives people only joy, light, and warmth. It inspires.

If there is at least something evil, treacherous or selfish in our thoughts, they will definitely not bring us anything good or useful. They will only sow discord and enmity.

A person, who has not abandoned pride, ambitions, selfishness, interprets everything by their standards, taste, manipulating any events and facts for personal gain in such a way so that it would be convenient for them.

Thus, false interpretations become common for these people, make them see everything around them distorted like in a funhouse mirror. Beautiful becomes ugly, good becomes evil, sublime becomes dead.

It is impossible to interact with such people: you say a kind word to them, praise them, and they become so full of themselves, imagine things that are not true; you do not pay attention to them due to the lack of time and energy, they take offense, get angry and are ready to go to extremes and stupidity.

‘Alone Together’ by Maria Kreyn (details of oil painting)

They may interpret any little thing in the wrong way. They get worked up and assure that everything would have been as it seemed to them. These are all demonic tricks.

These metamorphoses occur with those, who do not watch over the purity of their thoughts. And this applies to relationships not only with other people, but also with God.

If we do not love Him infinitely, selflessly, exaltedly, and joyfully, and we try to get something from Him all the time, then such “business” relationship with God may result in a big trouble.

Our resentment and irritation will extend to Him. Due to egoism, arrogance, and conviction that we know better than God, we will start fighting Him, not even noticing that we are on the warpath.

And God Himself will not be able to help such a person.

While our relationships with people and the Creator have not reached a deadlock yet, we need to look for a way out. And there is a way out: ask yourself when working yourself up, maybe I am wrong, maybe, I just thought it up, and everything is not as I see it? After all, time always arranges everything back to order, the main thing is not to draw hasty conclusions built on personal guesses mixed with fantasy, and not on real facts.

It is necessary to restore order in the relationship with God. The order lies in the complete trust in Him. Even if we find ourselves in a difficult situation, one should not grumble and lament, but think, since it is given to us, maybe, this is His will and Divine Disposal, and therefore a benefit for us. “If God did not beat us hollow from time to time, we would have no time to look up at the sky”, writes Blaise Pascal.

When we sincerely wish to understand this or that situation, will control our thoughts, purify them, try to listen to others and understand what has really happened, then God will certainly support us and lead us to the right train of thought.

The main point is to bring oneself down a peg in time, to stop, to doubt one’s rightness and purity of one’s thoughts.

And only God is always right.

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