Why Does the World Not Need Happy People?

There is an amazing paradox with our world. Rhetorically it seeks to make people happy, but in reality, it tries to preclude that with all its might. Ultimately, a happy person is attractive to neither marketers nor politicians, not even psychotherapists.

A happy person cannot be manipulated, irritated, or placed on a Procrustean bed. It is impossible to force opinions on such a person or make him (or her) take unnecessary, unjustified steps.

Happy means free. Free from fears and prejudice; from other people’s opinions and fashion. Such a person values his freedom and does not violate the freedom of his neighbor.

Happy people do not prohibit anything to others or dictate how others should live. They do not give advice without being asked. They see no problem where the unhappy see nothing but problems.

If they dont like something, they do not try to fight it or destroy it. They simply dont accept unnecessary garbage into their lives.

There is always a wiser way: to withdraw from an argument and remain silent; to avoid looking, reading, or listening to what is being imposed on you; to abstain from communication if it limits your ability to choose freely what to do with your leisure and with your life.

Happy means wise.

Happy people exclude from their lives everything that deprives them of their mental world and does not identify with their inner workings or plans.

Others never interfere with their lives, just as they do not interfere with the life of others. Happy people do not expect anything from others. They have a realistic and sensible view of life. If it is possible to influence the situation, they invest time and energy and do their best to resolve or improve it. If the situation cannot be resolved, they accept it as inevitability, like leaf fall, autumn rain, or thickening clouds.

A happy person sees no enemy in anyone. All people are different, with their own complexes and passions, weaknesses, and worldview. It makes no sense to be angry with your neighbour if he does not think the way you want him to. It is absurd to waste energy imposing your opinion on others or proving your innocence.

Happy people do not try to impress or surprise anyone. They do not show off or pretend something that they are not. Quietly and calmly, without anguish, suffering, whining, discontent, or bragging, like a deep river carrying its waters they do things that bring joy.

To be happy means to do the right thing and be in good faith, even when no one sees it.

Happy people change the world for the better every day, starting with their own little world. And that is their main feat.

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds
Source: https://pravlife.org/ru/content/pochemu-miru-ne-nuzhny-schastlivye-lyudi

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