Parable of the Day: How Can a Life after Birth Be Possible?

There were two twins in a mother’s womb. After the conception, they looked at one another and exclaimed happily, “It’s great to be alive!”

The twins explored the world around them. When they discovered the umbilical cord, they were excited:

“Our mother’s love is so great! It’s fantastic that she shares her life with us!”

As days went by, the twins started noticing that their bodies were changing.

“What does it mean?” the first twin asked.

“It means that our life in this world is coming to an end”, the second twin replied.

“But—but I don’t want to leave this world. I want to stay here forever”, the first twin said.

“We don’t get to decide,” the second twin responded. “There might be a life after birth, though.”

“How can a life after birth be possible?! If we break the umbilical cord, the life energy will stop feeding us! Moreover, no one has ever returned into the womb again. No one has ever told us that there is a life after birth! It’s the end!”

The twin was desperate.

“If conception ends with birth, is there any meaning in our life in the womb? Life has no meaning. Perhaps, there’s no mother at all!”

“There must be the mother”, the other twin countered. “If she doesn’t exist, how did we get here? What gives us life?”

“Have you ever seen her?” the first twin argued. “She may exist only in our imagination. We may have invented her to feel better!”

Their last days in the womb were filled with worries and anxiety. Finally, it was time for them to be born. The twins moved to the different world, and their eyes were opened. They screamed from joy because the world they saw far exceeded everything they’d expected.

Translated by the Catalog of Good Deeds

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