How Do We Recognize the Presence of the Living Christ in Our Hearts? By His Grace — He Never Judges Anyone.

An ignorant man with a corrupted mind will seek to clean out the evil from the world outside. A wise mind with the ability to reason will concentrate on his inner world, by seeking purity of the mind and His enlightening and salvific grace. Despite the events of the finite world and the mind, the human spirit is unchanging; it alone has the likeness to God, and realizes this likeness as it is transformed by His grace. When that happens, how much easier will it become to realize that Truth alone will bring us freedom from all the woes of our being.

Worldly thoughts are the true source of these woes. They are worse than the sticky web of our graceless existence; they are a guileful spider that sits in the center of the web, the Devil himself.

By engaging in the world, we encounter sorrows that have no beginning or end. The salvation – achieved uniting ourselves with the Spirit of the Truth, has no limits or boundaries, as we can only find comfort in eternity in the Spirit of God. Cleanse your soul of all judgement and condemnation like you would rip the sticktight from your clothing. Refraining from condemnation will let our soul take off in freedom to the heaven of grace, warming itself in the sun of salvation. By being attached to one’s personal truth and opinions, one will reach the end of their life with nothing but lifeless theories and schemes. But someone who stands on the foundation of the living presence of Christ will be rewarded with an everlasting salvation. Keep your heart open for our Saviour, not the lifeless schemas; embrace His grace, not the mental constructs and conjectures as dry as a bone of a fish. The learned worship their minds but have no vestige of grace in their souls. The humble of the mind liken themselves to Christ, who was poor of the spirit, and worship Him in the Spirit. So how do we recognize the living Christ in our hearts? By the presence of His grace. He never judges anyone.

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds

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