The Devil’s Wedge

Many years ago, the devil decided to sell off the tools of his trade. He arranged them with great taste and meticulousness in the window of his shop. What a grand collection it was! There was the glistening dagger of envy and the great hammer of wrath next to it. A short distance away lay the bow of passion, surrounded by the poisoned arrows of gluttony, desire and jealousy.

Nets of deception were laid beautifully on a separate display, along with the snares of despair, greed and hate. All were presented in the best possible light, complete with labels and price tags.

Separately from all the other tools, on the best-decorated shelf lay a small and awkward looking wooden wedge that appeared quite worn. On its name label was written a single word – pride. Surprisingly, it sold for a much higher price than all the others taken together.

A visitor asked the devil for his reasons, and he replied:

“You are right. I value this wedge above the rest of my collection because this is the only tool in my arsenal on which I can rely when none of my other tools works.”

He took it in his had with admiration and continued:

“If I have success at implanting this little wedge into somebody’s mind, then I can use all my other tools on him!”

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds

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