Handmade Christmas Decorations You Have Never Seen Before

Golden fall is ending, and shop windows start to be adorned with Christmas decorations. The Nativity fast is coming, as well as the Feast itself, saturated with the smell of spruce and homemade cakes, filled with carols, glorifying Baby Christ, joy and, of course, gifts. Nowadays, when everything is accessible and everything is there, it is quite difficult to find unique and beautiful gift with a personal touch. Therefore, on the eve of the brightest feast of the year – the Nativity of Christ – our workshops expand their assortment and prepare beautiful Christmas-tree decorations and handmade gifts. Painted opening wooden balls, in which you can put a surprise, will be a wonderful gift both for an adult and a child, and then may decorate the Christmas tree. Outside they are decorated with a handmade painting – it can be a landscape or a fairy tale scene.

Decorate your Christmas tree with unique Christmas tree decorations. Surprisingly, egg-shaped pendants (5 cm or 7 cm) are not only a wonderful gift for Easter, but also a great Christmas tree decoration: a wooden blank is decorated with brocade or velvet, then they are embroidered with a chain, decorated with cords, beads or decorative stones. Satin ribbons for hanging are added to the finished egg.

Exclusive products of the stained glass workshop. Each of them was designed and painted by an artist. Then, with the hands of a craftsman, it is cut out and made up of pieces of glass, which is baked in a special oven. After the final preparation, the product gets to you. Such a gift can decorate the spruce, and it also looks great on the window, because the incident light helps the souvenir from stained glass to shine and sparkle.

And most importantly, by ordering souvenirs from our workshops, you not only get a unique handmade product made with warmth and love, but also support the social ministry of the Convent.

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