Parable of the Day: We Can Only Give What We’ve Got

There was a man who bought a wonderful and big new house with a fruit garden. There was an old ramshackle hut nearby where an envious neighbor lived. That nasty neighbor was always trying to harass the man in the big new house by throwing garbage under the man’s gate or doing other dirty tricks. One day, the man got up in his big and cozy new house. His mood was great but then he opened his door and went onto his porch and saw a bucket of slops. The man took the bucket, threw away the slops, cleaned the bucket, and filled it with the biggest and the most delicious apples from his garden, and then went to his neighbor’s little old house. The neighbor heard him knock at his door and thought gloatingly, “I’ve made him angry at last!” He opened the door and prepared to have a row or even a fight, but the man handed him the bucket of apples and said, “You give what you’ve got!“

Translated by The Catalog of Good Deeds

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