Parable of the Day: Looking for the Lord

A man decided to visit a hermit who lived not far from the monastery of Stseta. He was wandering across the desert for a long time until he finally found the wise man.
– I need to know what is the first step that I have to make on my way of spiritual development, – he said.
The hermit brought the man to a small well and told him to look at his reflection in the water. The man tried to do this but the hermit took some stones from the ground and began to throw them into the well. The ripples appeared in the water.
– I will not manage to see the reflection of my face, if you continue throwing stones into the well.
– So, likewise it is impossible to see your face in the troubled waters, it is impossible to seek God if your mind is concerned by the search itself and by the fear of your failure, – the monk said. This is the very first step you are asking about.  
Prepared by The Catalog of Good Deeds
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