Helping a Nursing Mom. A Comfort Toy – a New Item Made by the Toy Workshops of St. Elisabeth Convent for Newborn Children

“A mother’s touch” – this is the name of the new items created in the toy workshops of St. Elisabeth Convent. It has the form of a towel and helps the mother to care for her newborn child. It is recommended for the mother to hold the toy near hear while nursing the baby, so that the fabric absorbs her fragrance.
While the newborn is asleep you can place the toy inside the crib next to the child, and the baby will have the impression that the mother is next to him. This a toy has the potential to help the child sleep better and with it the baby will feel relaxed and cozy. When the child get older the toy can be placed with other toys but during the early developmental stages in life the toy can help develop motor skills  because of special to knots on its paws, ears and tail of the toy. The toy is safe for all ages as it is made from natural materials and does not have any small parts or beads.
The comfort toy was invented by the English mother Susan Kanitzso in the 1990’s. It has become popular in many European countries and is gaining global popularity as well. Be sure to order the toy in our catalog and support the social ministry projects with every order. 
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