Over 200 Adults with Special Needs Participate in a Feast Day Organized by the Brothers and Sisters of St. Elisabeth Convent

The holiday celebration in the residence for adults with special needs began with a service. At the Liturgy, which was served in the assembly hall, more than 200 residents prayed which accounted for over half of all the residents. After the Divine Liturgy, everyone participated in procession around the main building. The holiday concluded with lunch in the open  air and friendly interactions. Everyone was treated to lenten meal and afterwards a discussion for the upcoming summer activities for all the residents followed.
There is quite a lot planned for the adult residents with special needs. This includes creative arts projects, catechesis lessons and simply group walks in nature. Sisters and brothers of mercy have found many friends here and come to town of Ostroshitsk on Mondays and Thursdays.
Brother Oleg Kovalenko, the head of the foundation in honor of St. John of Russia, says that it is not so difficult to sacrifice some of his time for the sake of others. The opportunity to spend time with the special needs residents fills life with meaning and joy.
Another important project of the St. John of Russia fund is the collection of funds and trying to find sponsors for the construction of a new rehabilitation center and a church for the residents with special needs in the town of Ostroshitsk.
June 11, 2018
St. Elisabeth Convent
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