St. John the Russian Fund Organised Pilgrimages for People with Special Needs

Recently, volunteers of the Fund in honour of St. John the Russian have organised two pilgrimages for children and adults who live in boarding homes for people with special needs. They visited St. Elisha Laŭryšava Monastery on July 22 and Holy Annunciation Monastery in Malyja Liady on July 28.

The brothers and sisters do their best to organise events outside of the facilities’ grounds but they don’t get the opportunity to travel with the disabled patients very often due to the fact that they have to go through many formalities and technicalities. Nevertheless, the obstacles are small compared to the results: these trips make people more connected and allow them to get to know each other better and grow spiritually.

“Our pilgrimages with the special people have been a blessing for our souls,” the volunteers say. “You can touch the sacred objects and feel another person who you accompany, and thus learn to love for real! Our latest pilgrimages were filled with a number of amazing and profoundly inspiring episodes.”

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