Crushed Stone Icons Workshop

This workshop is one of the oldest in St. Elisabeth Convent founded in 1999. Since then, the workshop masterpieces created by such an unusual method have become popular throughout the world. 

Works from the stone workshop are long lasting and durable because the materials used do not fade or tarnish. The first step is creating an outline of the image (usually on a marble base). At this point, the base can undergo gold plating if that is the intention of the artist. Afterwards, the most interesting part begins – the time for multicolored stones to be applied/scattered unto the base.

This process is quite unusual because the artist is not using paint as one would in conventional paintings but instead minerals and semi-precious stones ground by hand are used. These minerals and stones come from different parts of the world. Bright red cinnabar with metallic chatoyment (shine) comes from China, rich green copper emerald (Dioptase) – from Kazakhstan and orange crocoite from Ural. As you can see, the creation of this layer requires a wide color range…

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