Miracles of St John the Russian: Healing a Child’s Cancer

There are some amazing entries in the records of the recent miracles performed by St John the Russian. They include a salvation from shipwreck and multiple healings of hopelessly sick and possessed people. It has long been noticed that Saint John has a special love for children. Of all the miracles performed through the saint’s prayers, the most striking and delightful are the numerous cases of his grace-filled assistance to sick children in healing cancer, treating the paralyzed, restoring the possessed to right mind and returning drug addicts to a healthy life.

It is not only the Orthodox Greeks that receive help from St John. A miraculous incident occurred in Russia in 1998.

A long-awaited daughter was born into a young family of Orthodox Muscovites. After a few months, the parents’ joy was replaced by pain and great sorrow. The girl was diagnosed with blood cancer. For three years the mother and the child hardly left the hospital. Together with all the relatives, the girl’s parents prayed for her health. They have tried all the treatment methods available in Russia, but all in vain. The girl was dying. Then the parents were advised to undergo a bone marrow transplant operation as a last resort. The operation cost several tens of thousands of dollars. The search for sponsors began. However, even with the help of the family and friends the poor family was able to come up only with 5% of the amount. It became clear that they were not going to be able to raise the money. The parents went to the Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra to ask Archimandrite Kirill (Pavlov) for advice. Father Kirill blessed the couple to use the money collected for the operation to go with their sick daughter to the island of Euboea and pray there to St John the Russian.

The parents took the girl and stayed on the island for several days, ordering prayer services for her health. At their request, the priest opened the reliquary, so that they could place the sick girl directly on the relics of St John. After that a true miracle happened. The child felt much better. The parents were rejoicing but their triumph was complete when, upon returning home, the girl’s tests showed that she was healed of her illness.

May this story be a reminder to all of us that there is always help even when our children are seriously ill, fall into addictions or find themselves in other difficult circumstances.

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds
Source: http://ioannrus.ru/chudesa-svyatogo-pravednogo-ioanna-russkogo/

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