Updated Version of the Catalogue: Causes and New Features 

We have recently updated our Catalog of Products from St Elisabeth Convent. We became inspired by this idea almost a year ago, but it was not until recently that we were able to implement it. It is time for us to say a few words about what’s behind these changes, what new features we have created for you and what this update means to our team.

Our catalog has existed in its previous form for more than 5 years. During this time, everyone has become used to it and almost stopped noticing its obvious disadvantages. And yet, the need for change was clear as day. It was not only the design that was becoming outdated; the system itself was increasingly failing and misleading customers by outdated offers. The new version has a vibrant modern design, adding more functionality for you and for us and making the process of choosing the right product even more intuitive. 

Overview of Design and New Features

All goods categories (with subcategories) have now moved to the top of the page. Buttons like “donation”, “prayer request”, “search”, “wishlist” and “basket” can be found on the left side.

At the bottom of the main page you can find information about us and our workshops, as well as special offers for the current period. 

Searching for new or discounted products has been made easy with the help of the appropriate labels, added to product photos in the catalog. 

You no longer need to open each product card to take a closer look at its photos or read brief information about it. This can now be done in preview mode while browsing the catalog.

Now you can also leave more detailed reviews, evaluating both the product and the delivery.

On the Other Side of the Screen

For our team, updating the catalog has become not only a necessary measure but also a remarkable event and a ‘breath of fresh air’. Frequent system errors and a large amount of manual work required to keep the site functioning eventually made us realise the need for improvements. For stable and correct operation of the catalog, it was decided to create a new version from scratch, which also meant redesigning it. After studying the market, we have selected a beautiful, modern and intuitive design. Today you see the fruit of our long and painstaking work. It took our team members about a week to get used to the new design. We hope that our customers will also appreciate its advantages soon.

We are still in the process of improving the site and, unfortunately, not all product pages have been transferred from the old catalog yet. This may cause difficulties in searching for the right product. If this is the case with you, please contact us directly via email, using the “contact us” button in any product card or at the bottom of the main page of the website. We will gladly help you search for the right product.

Admittedly, contrary to our expectations, we are still experiencing some technical difficulties and need more improvements. We feel however that this change will most certainly be for the better. 

Please leave your feedback on the new version of our catalog in the comments section below. We would love to hear about your experience and we appreciate your feedback and support.

Thank you for your patience. Please bear with us!

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