Miraculous Help from the Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon in Our Day

On August 9, the Orthodox Church celebrates memory of Greatmartyr and Healer Panteleimon. On the eve of the feast, we would like to share several modern stories of miraculous healings through the prayers of the saint.

Taras Lyuti. “I was poisoned as a child once”

The following story happened to me when I was a child. As I recall, I was sitting on a couch in the hall with a high temperature and abdominal pain—I had been poisoned. Pills didn’t help and I was very sick. I prayed the “Our Father” and other prayers, and then an icon of St. Panteleimon and his life caught my eye. My mother suggested I read a prayer to him, and so I did. I read it with zeal and heartfelt attention, such that I was even detached from everything happening around me. The heart of a child is pure, and therefore it was easy for me to fully “plunge” into the prayer.

Although that sounds normal, after the prayer, read with attention and tears (I remember I even burst into tears), the pain passed IN ONE MOMENT. My fever came down and I immediately fell asleep. The next day, there were no traces of my malady. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere. Now I always pray to St. Panteleimon when someone is sick and ask for his help for my family and friends. I advise all to pray to this wondrous saint more often.

May God save you.

Marina N. “I used to suffer from warts”

The Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon has helped me more than once in my life. I’ll describe one example. I used to suffer from warts. They grew and multiplied. In such cases, the doctors advise burning them with liquid nitrogen, but I received no long-term effect from this. I tried to find treatment on my own, bought medicine at the pharmacy, and I tried folk medicine. But in vain. This all continued for several years.

The time came when I turned to the healer St. Panteleimon and asked his help in healing. Literally a few days later a religious woman I knew advised me to buy some kind of wart remedy at the drugstore. Although it cost only pennies, it immediately helped. The warts disappeared and didn’t come back anymore. I was thus convinced that the saint heard my prayer and that my healing had come down from above. I had had no idea what could help: I saw how quickly they multiplied and that I had scars from getting them removed, and that after a while they would grow back again. I had no idea how to rid myself of them.

Warts don’t bother me anymore. Glory to God.

Veronika Shetinina. “My cheek was swollen from pus gathering somewhere under my tooth”

I would like to share an instance of miraculous help from St. Panteleimon. I was still living in Germany five years ago, in Cologne, and had just begun my Church life. I have a habit of reading the lives of the saints every day on Pravoslavie.ru. And then, five years ago, I read about the holy Great Martyr Panteleimon. That was Saturday evening. On Sunday, after Liturgy, some parishioners of our church invited me to a Catholic church where they have a particle of his relics. Before that I had no clue there was such a holy relic in the city I was living in. It turns out they let Russian priests serve a moleben to the holy Great Martyr once a year on August 9. They bring out the small chest with the holy relics and allow everyone to venerate them. I have often visited the saint’s relics since then and honor his memory.

The following happened to me about four years ago: My tooth really started to hurt. The dentist said there was a pin in the tooth and that pus had formed underneath it. The pin was removed, the pus was cleaned, the dentist put the medicine in the hole, and he sealed the tooth. I was supposed to go again in two or three days. The dentist warned me beforehand: If you get sick, you’ll have to endure—that’s the way it goes.

The next day, I had a fever and my cheek began to swell. The dentist told me on the phone that if my cheek was swollen it means pus had gathered somewhere, and that I had to come the next day to cut my cheek open and release the pus. And in such cases it’s not allowed to give anesthesia, or it would get even worse.

My husband and I started reading the akathist to St. Panteleimon. By the third or fourth kontakion, I felt how liquid was running into my mouth and the swelling was going down. The Lord heard us by our prayers to St. Panteleimon!

The night passed quietly. My husband and I went to the hospital the next day. The dentist was in shock: The pus had begun to come out by itself and in the most unexpected place, and it only needed to be drained. Everything had passed in just two days.

O holy Great Martyr Panteleimon, pray to God for us!

Toma Gilyazetdinova. “My nephew had a temperature of 104”

St. Panteleimon really helped me. Since I had just been baptized not long before, I didn’t know about many saints yet. One day we were getting ready to go visit our relatives in the village, and my nephew offered to take us. The road was long, and we, of course, were very tired, especially him. When we arrived at our destination, it turns out he had a fever—almost 104.

My husband and I left for the city in the morning, and I stopped into the nearest church. The first thing I saw was a large icon of St. Panteleimon in the middle. I asked who it was, and having lit a candle to him, I knelt and prayed for my nephew’s health. I called him closer to evening and he was already almost recovered! Thanks to St. Panteleimon whose help saved my beloved nephew.

Olga Sidorova. “I dislocated my knee and tore some ligaments”

I would really like to share my story, not even about help, but about salvation and, in fact, my way to the Church. It was 2006. I was on vacation at the Lazarevskoe Restort in Sochi in the summer. My trip was in the off-season and I was bored. Here I should say that I hade an old knee injury that really bothered me from time to time, and there was no way to fix it. So I was vacationing on the shore, and along the way they were selling tickets for various guided tours. The vendor was advising everyone to go to Abkhazia to the New Athos Monastery, to the wonderworking icon of the healer St. Panteleimon, saying people travel there from around the world to ask for health. I didn’t really pay attention, but I really wanted to go to Abkhazia: beautiful mountains, the gentle sea… I wasn’t thinking about a holy place at all. When would I have such an opportunity again?

I wound up at this monastery with one of the groups, and we were admiring the view of the sea opening up from the foot of the mountain, where such a magnificent monument of architecture is located. The guide told us, “Go see the wonderworking icon—it heals the sick. Put your scarf on it and wear it whenever you’re sick—St. Panteleimon will certainly help!” And I was standing and thinking, “What do I need all of this for? I’m healthy! How can this thing help me?”

It rained really hard at the resort the next day. It was really slippery and I fell, so hard that I dislocated my knee and tore some ligaments. The doctors said I needed an operation to sever the joint (a disability)—there was no other option. I understood that St. Panteleimon had punished me for my pride. I got to my room and cried, and applying a rag from the wonderworking icon, I asked St. Panteleimon to help me. I lay down and eagerly awaited a miracle… The miracle occurred after half a year of suffering, when I found a doctor who agreed to help me. He told me to go to church and confess for the first time in my thirty-two years of life…

Of course, I can’t go skating, but thanks to the intercession of the healer St. Panteleimon, I didn’t become disabled!

O healer St. Panteleimon, pray to God for us sinners! Save us all, O Lord!

Nika T. “Rest assured: St. Panteleimon will intercede for you before the Lord”

The day of the Great Martyr Panteleimon is celebrated, I think, by everyone who at least knows his name. Some celebrate it to a lesser degree—maybe just warmly smiling hearing today’s date, and some to a greater degree—going to Liturgy and taking Holy Communion. I wasn’t at Liturgy on his day, but I will definitely read an akathist to the saint.

I have no direct proof of healing by the prayers of St. Panteleimon, because at that time, when my only son was sick with a terrible disease, I prayed to everyone I could whom anyone had told me about… And at that point, in 2002, I wasn’t baptized. But who do we have to look to for protection when medicine gives practically no chance of recovery? Some people ask God, and some all the “gods.” And I turned everywhere and to everyone, stopping into every church and temple with an open door.

On August 9, I happened to be in the Church of the Joy of All Who Sorrow Icon of the Mother of God on Bolshaya Ordinka Street. I stopped into the church, having seen it along the way. I realized it wasn’t a regular day—there were many people and one of the icons was all in flowers, and everything around was crammed with flowers. I bought some candles and asked the matushka behind the counter who people pray to for healing of the sick. She realized that I knew absolutely nothing about religion and responded, “To God. Well, since you’re already here, in this church—go see the wonderworking icon of the Theotokos. You just so happened to come today—go up to the icon of St. Panteleimon the Healer, light a candle, and ask for healing from your whole heart.”

I did all of that, only, not being a Christian at that moment, I started with St. Panteleimon the Healer, and his icon was the closest to the candle stand. And just as I began to pray, the tears were streaming bitterly… An old woman, removing the wax from the candles, noticed me sobbing, and took pity on me: “Who is so sick, child?” I told her about my son. “Well, pray and pray. St. Panteleimon won’t abandon you—after all, God brought you to the church today.” And just then, one of the gladiolus flowers decorating the icon directly over the saint’s face fell right into my hand!!! The old woman and I were speechless. “I told you!” she said, crossing herself joyfully and starting to chatter: “Be calm now, wait, pray, and go—St. Panteleimon will intercede for you before the Lord!”

You can imagine my feelings—wings of hope on my back. As someone ignorant in regard to religion, I went up to the wonderworking Joy of All Who Sorrow Icon and lit a candle to the Lord, but from that minute and for a long time thereafter the gladiolus flower was a symbol and a promise for me that my son would recover. And that’s what happened. I don’t know how and what helped his healing, but, it was not without the intercessions of St. Panteleimon that he recovered. Although we weren’t baptized then, I still prayed to many saints.

A long time passed and I became a Christian—that is, I received the Sacrament of Baptism, and now I’m a real Christian, and life probably isn’t enough for my gratitude to St. Panteleimon who immediately answered me, unbaptized and full of sins! I went to church often after my son recovered, but as for lighting a candle in front of the icon and venerating it—I often forgot! “I mean, everyone is healthy,” I reasoned. Until recently I continued to rush past his icon, throwing it a glance in passing and slightly nodding.

Nonetheless, the reproaches of my conscience made me wonder one day how healthy people pray to him. And it was a great revelation for me when I read in the wonderful prayer of His Grace Jeremiah the Hermit to him how and what to pray to him about both day and night. My physical ailments and my son in his present health seemed like mere scratches compared with the cankers of my sinful soul then.

Ksenia Onova. “They told me they had to take out my wisdom tooth”

The Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon really helped me when I prayed to him for health! I had a very bad toothache once. I went to the dentist and he told me the issue was with my wisdom tooth which had grown in incorrectly, and it had to be removed. And it turned out it’s quite a difficult and traumatic procedure. I was terribly frightened and started reading the prayer to St. Panteleimon. The tooth stopped hurting literally a few days later and they didn’t have to take it out! I am very grateful to the saint for his help.

Glory to the Great Martyr and Healer St. Panteleimon! Glory to God for all things!

Olga Tullos. “The doctors found that my son had an inexplicable disease”

“Holy Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon! For the sake of Christ, heal the servant of God (name) from all sicknesses, as thou didst heal the youth from the snake’s bite. Amen!”

Our whole family would read this prayer for my son’s healing about twelve years ago when the doctors found that he had an inexplicable disease. As a mother’s prayer is especially strong, I would pray several times a day, reading this prayer three times.

My son was healed as if he’d woken up from a sickness! I always thank St. Panteleimon for his help!

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