Why It Is Important to Be and Not to Just Appear

This age is, probably more than ever, all about posturing.

A lot of people on socials are trying to show themselves to those around them from the best, in their opinion, side. Almost everyone wants to look richer, prettier, smarter than they really are.

And here lies the main problem: people are not trying to be richer, more beautiful, and smarter, but are trying to appear richer, more beautiful, and smarter. And this applies not only to those who are far from faith — many Christians also strive to appear more pious, moral, and kinder.

We do not even notice how much effort and energy is spent on creating such a fake, illusory, or, to be completely honest, deceitful image.

Problems it causes begin now. If a single woman is looking for a couple while polishing her images in photo editors, she risks disappointing her possible soul mate when they meet in reality.

Politicians who, with the help of technical means, create incredibly huge but false ratings for themselves, can lose the election.

As for us Christians, the meeting with God, which no one can escape, will blow away our false righteousness and personally show the true and, perhaps, not the best state of our soul.

It is not for nothing that many great monarchs at the end of their lives, preparing for death, bequeathed to bury themselves without regalia and other vain insignia in order to appear before the Creator as simple people waiting for mercy.

Virtual reality is very addictive, at some point we ourselves begin to believe in the reality of our “improved” twin we have created. Probably, there is nothing more terrible than inventing a lie and believing in it yourself.

Therefore, we must always remember about the all-seeing Creator, Who every day sees real us – as we really are, and Who cannot be deceived by any tricks. After all, the Lord can help His creation only when he asks for help in its weakness, and not when, in incredible pride, he sculpts something fake from himself.

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds
Source: https://pravlife.org/ru/content/pochemu-vazhno-byt-ne-kazatsya

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