Troparion and Prayer to the Holy Confessor Nicholas (Mogilevsky)

We have translated troparion and prayer to the Holy Confessor Nicholas (Mogilevsky), Metropolitan of Alma-Ata at the request of one of our readers.

Troparion to the Holy Confessor Nicholas (Mogilevsky), Metropolitan of Alma-Ata. Tone 7

The Sun of Truth Christ our God has revealed you to us as a radiant light shining forth beams of divine gifts, driving away the darkness of godlessness and corrupt morals, and showing the dawn of the knowledge of God to those who cry out with faith: “Rejoice, Saint Nicholas, the confessor of Christ and the wonderworker of Kazakhstan”.


O wondrous imitator of our sweetest Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the Lover of Mankind! O good shepherd of the sentient flock that He entrusted to your care!

You faced the manifold snares of cunning humans and the spirits of darkness throughout your life, but prevailed against them clearly thanks to the grace of God, which you had diligently preserved in purity since your infancy. Deliver us, who are destitute of virtue, from demonic nets so that we would serve our Only Master and God faithfully and blamelessly always throughout our lives, in deed, word, mind, and thoughts of our hearts, and please Him as we promised at the font of our baptism. You loved the sweet Lord more than all earthly good and followed him well throughout your life, emulating his saints assiduously and nourishing not only your own soul of the Divine teachings and grace but also leading multiple people from the darkness of disbelief and the false rationality to the Uncreated Light of the Consubstantial Trinity. Knowing that, we beseech you to ask Christ our God to grant us his grace to illuminate and sanctify us, so that under its cover we could spend our lives in faith and piety, in acts of love and selflessness, and would not be slow in serving our neighbors in their needs and afflictions, so as to be able to accomplish the short journey of our lives without stumbling and to reach the Heavenly Jerusalem, the city of eternal joy, with peace and repentance and, with you and all saints, to praise incessantly the Undivided Trinity, the One God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds

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