Why God Has Not Given Wings to Man

One hunter liked to go to the forest and the field for prey. Once he was climbing a high mountain for a long time, tracking the beast, and, tired, sat down on a large stone to rest. Seeing a flock of birds flying from one height to another, he began to think: “Why hasn’t God given wings to man so that he could fly?” At that time, a meek ascetic was passing by that place, and, upon knowing the hunter’s thoughts, he said to him:

– So, you are thinking about the fact that God has not given you wings: but if you are given wings, you will still not be satisfied and say: “My wings are weak, and I cannot fly to heaven with them to see what is there”; and if such strong wings are given to you that you can rise to heaven, then you will be dissatisfied as well and say: “I do not understand what is happening here.” And if understanding is given to you, then again you will not be satisfied and say: “Why am I not an angel?” And if you are made an angel, then you will again be unhappy and say: “Why am I not a cherubim?” And if you become a cherubim, then you will say: “Why has God not allowed me to rule heaven?” And if it is given to you to rule heaven, then again you will not be satisfied, and, like someone else, you will boldly look for more. Therefore, always humble yourself and be satisfied with what is given to you, and then you will live with God.”

The hunter saw that the ascetic had told the truth, and thanked God that he had sent him a monk who instructed him and opened him the path of humility.

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds
Source: https://azbyka.ru/days/2020-01-29

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