Spiritual ABC Book for Those Who Want to Become Happy

‘A Wonderer’ by Vasily Perov

You ask with surprise in your voice: what should we do to live better life? It’s not me who will answer you, I will give the floor to one holy man…

They say that once upon a time in Ancient Egypt people began to fight, as they do nowadays. Then two brave friends from Alexandria decided to travel around the world to find at least one wise and happy person. After long and fruitless search, they came to some saint, who live alone in the forest. He gave them a deep bow and welcomed them into his cabin joyfully. After long discussions and questions wanderers made sure they found a man in whom there are wisdom and happiness combined. So, they exclaimed: “Man of God, but we cannot live the way you do! So how can we acquire happiness?” The man of God started crying, lifted his eyes full of tears up to the sky and said: “But you don’t have to live as I do! But to become happy follow these rules:

– think of God at least as much as you think of people;

– be afraid of God at least as much as you are afraid of people;

– venerate God at least as much as you respect people;

– pray to God at least as much as you ask people;

– rely on God at least as much as you rely on people;

– ask God for help at least as much as you ask people for help;

– fulfil God’s law at least as much as you fulfil human’s one;

– thank God at least as much as you thank people;

– glorify God at least as much as you glorify people!”.

Upon listening to this lesson of life, happy friends came back home. This is the answer for you, Brother Stephen, as well. And shout it to ears of your neighbor. I can add only one thing: without studying this simple ABC book no one ever can study any difficult manual.

Missionary letters, Letter 108 to Stephen D., On the question “What to do to live better life?”
Source: https://azbyka.ru/days/2020-02-21

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