Elder Porphyrios’ Miracles: A Spring

Speaking of the spiritual gifts of the Elder Porphyrios, Elder Paisius the Hagiorite, another world-famous Greek elder, said: ” He has a color TV, while mine is black and white.”

A Spring

There was no water in one mountain village. Its inhabitants contacted all kinds of authorities, paid money, but everything was in vain. Everyone was saying unanimously that there was no underground water in the area. This meant that the villagers had to collect rainwater. A man who was the elder’s spiritual son and knew about his ability to find water asked him to help in this matter. Father Porphyrios responded straight away that there was a lot of good water in the village and showed him on a map where the water was. Upon intense and persistent requests, Father Porphyrios went to the place himself and specified exactly where and how deep down the water was. When they began looking for the water, they found it at the precise place and depth – a clean source of fresh water!

All the villagers began to call Father a saint and a prophet. Everybody wanted to touch him, kiss his hands and feet, to caress him; everybody wanted towelcome him at their homes. As they were coming and bowing to him and revered him as a saint, Father Porphyrios grew very upset and requested to immediately find a way to get out of the village. At that time, there was a bus to Athens going through the village.

Father Porphyrios struggled to get out of the villagers’ arms and got on the bus; and although the people tried to stop him, he still left. After so much enthusiasm and adoration, Father Porphyrios was about to face a great challenge. The fare collector was a non-believer, and he began to speak nonsense, which made unbelieving passengers laugh and believers outraged. Thus, the passengers of the bus were divided into two camps, one for the elder and the other against. The noise and quarrel were threatening to escalate into a melee. The fare collector, meanwhile, continued to stir up the tension. Father Porphyrios was very upset and tried not to take part in the squabble. When the bus stopped to let the passengers rest for a while, the elder came up to the fare collector and said, “I may not be able to find water, but I know you have syphilis. Be careful not to get married now because you might give it to your wife and children. Keep getting treatment, you will recover, and then you will get married.” The fare collector went numb when he heard the elder’s words, and from then on he kept silent as if he had swallowed his tongue. The passengers were also silent.

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds
Source: http://www.pravoslavie.ru/66252.html

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