The Biggest Mistake in Understanding Christianity

Metropolitan Anthony, Head of Affairs of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, explains why society often complains of the Church. According to him, this is because people get the mission and objectives of the Church wrong.

It is unfortunate that there is an erroneous perception of the mission of the Church in today’s society, which is the source of all accusations against Her.

Christianity cannot be reduced to a social doctrine alone. For these purposes, there are a number of social institutions dedicated exclusively to this mission.

In addition to charity, the Church has a more important goal, which can only be achieved by the Church. The Church is called upon to take care of the immortal soul.

Christ, being the Almighty God, can feed all the hungry and give shelter to all the homeless in one moment. It costs nothing to him.

Why doesn’t He do it? Because that is not the mission of the incarnate God.

Does the purpose of human life consist only in feeding one’s body, acquiring material wealth, and earthly comfort? “Man will not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God”, this is the succinct and unequivocal answer of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ came to earth to show us the way to salvation and prove that salvation is possible. Salvation does not have anything to do with earthly goods. Devotion to the Divine Revelation, allegiance to the Church of Christ – this is the bedrock of our salvation.

No other goals and objectives should lead a person away from his or her true destiny. We will have to work hard on this path and endure a lot. However, the centuries-old experience of Christianity suggests that God always helps those who seek salvation.

Let us try to work for the salvation of our souls; it is worth the effort. Let’s pray that God sends us inner firmness in defending our faith and our Church.

So, while we maintain the peace of mind, when our main concern is the fellowship with God rather than our earthly cares, Jesus will send us everything we need for both earthly life and eternal life. In the face of the pernicious sins we have committed, let us repent genuinely and hope for the mercy of God, which abides in a pure and humble heart.

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds

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