Parable of the Day: The Thankless Beggar

In a certain village, there was a priest. This is a story he told the people who did not go to church on Sundays:

“A rich man met a beggar on the road. The beggar told the rich man about his afflictions. The rich man took pity on the beggar and gave the man two coins out of the seven that he had on him. The beggar told some other stories about how miserable he was, and he received two more coins. As they were walking past a spring, they decided to have a rest and to eat a meal. The rich shared his food with the beggar, and, upon hearing yet another story of the beggar’s life, gave him two more coins. That’s how merciful he was! Having received six coins, the beggar suddenly drew a knife from his pocket and demanded that the rich man give him the seventh coin. How ungrateful of him! What punishment does the beggar deserve?” the priest asked.

“He deserves death!” his listeners burst out.

“Then you deserve the same kind of punishment, too”, the priest remarked.

“You are thankless beggars, too. God has given you six days and put aside just one day for Himself. Nonetheless, you have robbed him of this last day.”

Translated by The Catalog of Good Deeds

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