Parable of the Day: Why Did You Abandon Me?

There was a man who saw in a dream that he was walking down a sandy shore and the Lord was walking by his side. Stories of his life appeared on the sky, and he noticed two trails on sand after each story: one was his own and the other was the Lord’s.
When the last story of his life was over, he looked back on the footsteps on sand. He noticed that there was only one trail of steps in some places along the way. He also noticed that those were the hardest and the unhappiest times in his life.
The man was very upset:
“Lord, didn’t You promise me that if I followed your way, You wouldn’t abandon me? However, I’ve noticed that there was only one trail of steps on sand during the hardest times of my life. Why did You abandon me when I needed you the most?”
The Lord responded:
“My dear dear child. I love you and I will never abandon you. It is true that there was only one trail of steps on the road of your life in the most difficult times. It was because I carried you in my lap.”
Prepared by The Catalog of Good Deeds
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