Children, Parents and Teachers of the “Iсhvis” School Gave a Concert Devoted to Victory Day

“I want that there won’t be another…” was the slogan of the concert that took place on the eve of the Victory Day (i.e. the victory inWorld War II) in the “Iсhvis” school.
The artistic performance that was on the stage that day, fully expressed the pain that our land had to face during the World War II.
Despite the fact that the concert was performed by children, they felt and absorbed well the differents works on the military theme. Their childlike innocence, purity and imagination helped them in this.
The audience could see how people were deprived of peace, how children suffered, how our grandfathers heroically fought with the enemy. Peaceful melodies were alternated with the noise of the aircrafts and the sounds of exploding bombs. Then a minute of silence was kept in honor of the millions of people who did not come back the war. Children carried the portraits of their great-grandfathers because everyone who has gone through the horrors of war is a hero for us.
Lidia Vinokurova, a 90-years-old woman, was in the audience, too. She said that during the concert she managed to feel once again everything what she had to live through during the war years. She thanked everyone. – the children, their parents, and their teachers. After all, there were many complex acts, in which even the family couples performed.
Some parents shared their feelings: due to the participation in the concert some of them could feel the joy of the Victory, while the others told that they just preserve the memory of their ancestors and want to serve as an example for their children.
– I hope that the families will sing the songs, which we could hear at today’s concert, and that we managed to touch the hearts of our children and their parents, – says Ludmila Litoshik, a music teacher. – The Lord gives His special blessing to this feast, and organizes it on His own. This is why we have managed to find suitable songs and words as well as prepare such wonderful performance. Today, when so many wars are on in the world, it is important to remember about peace and that horrible war.
May 8, 2018
St. Elisabeth Convent
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