6 Ways on How to Celebrate the Feast of the Meeting of the Lord

1. Attend Divine Liturgy and Learn the Troparion
As always, the best way to enter fully into the joy of the feast is to attend Divine Liturgy or Vespers. The services are filled with beautiful imagery and symbolism about Christ as the Light of the World, which lead to excellent discussions with children.
Ask them, “What is light? What does it do? How is Christ like a light? How are we lights?”  I am often amazed at the insight and depth of thought that even the littlest ones have on this subject.
The Troparion for the feast is:
“Hail Virgin Theotokos, full of Grace,
For Christ our God, the Sun of Righteousness, has dawned from you,
Granting light to those in darkness.
And you, O Righteous Elder, rejoice,
Taking in your arms the Deliverance of our souls,
Who grants us Resurrection.”
It can also be a good time to review or learn the canticle of St. Simeon, “Lord now let your servant depart in peace.” This song makes a lovely bedtime hymn to sing as a family or with each child separately while tucking them into bed at night.
2. Bring Home Blessed Candles
Many churches bless candles at Divine Liturgy on the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, because of St. Simeon’s reference to Christ as a Light of revelation to the Gentiles.
If your church practices this tradition, be sure to bring home blessed candles to put in your icon corner.  Then, have children hold them during family prayer time or even when you read the Gospel at home.
3. Light Up the House
Another way to integrate the theme of light into your celebration is to “light up your house.” 
Fill your house with candles.  Perhaps you can eat meals by candlelight or pray your Evening Prayers solely by the light of a candle.
When your children ask you about this change in routine, you have a built-in opportunity to speak about Christ as the Light of the World and our charge as Christians to be lights.
4. Talk about Churchings
The Orthodox tradition of churching–bringing a mother and child into the church 40 days after the birth of a baby–comes from the Jewish rite seen in this feast.  This makes the feast an excellent time to tell the children about their own churching, to look at pictures, and
talk about the practice in general.
5. Call Elderly Relatives
Finally, two pious elderly saints play a major role in the Feast of the Meeting of the Lord.  This can serve as a good reminder to children of the importance of our elders and their wisdom. Perhaps children can call grandparents, great-grandparents, or other relatives on this day to maintain a vibrant relationship with the elders in their own life.
6. Learn More about St. Simeon
Finally, the children can learn more about the life of St. Simeon as taught by the church tradition.  His story is a fascinating one of doubt and faith, of patience and perseverance that is an example to all. 
These small, simple activities can help make the feasts of the Church more real in the home.
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