Can We Find Healing in the Occult?

Some who turn to sorcerers or occult practitioners will delude themselves into thinking that their healing is from God because they put icons everywhere. But what else did they expect? To see the depictions of their patron, the devil?

Can occult practitioners heal you from disease? Sometimes, they might. But the devil gives nothing for free. His goal is our destruction. So what are the dangers of occult healing?

1. The physical illness may return, or another may come in its place, and it may be even more severe. Or a misfortune might occur, which we may not attribute to our approach to the fallen spirits. I went to a sorceress to cure an inflammation in my leg. Many years after, as I was fixing the roof of our summer house I spilt hot tar on the same leg, and in a couple of more years, I fractured my foot. The knee in the same leg still aches. ‘A coincidence?’ I ask, quoting a famed television host. – I do not think so. I can rule it out because I linked these events in my mind only recently

2. In one way or another, occult practices darken our souls. They are a frequent cause of our sadness anxiety, fear, and nightmares at night.

3. The devil wants to deprive us of our sense of direction. Few will be willing to admit that they had asked for help from the demons. They might justify themselves by talking about the complexity of the spiritual world and the different forces at work there. In doing so, they would ignore the existence of the Only Almighty God Creator.

4. Another pitfall of occultism is its addictiveness, which can be very hard to overcome. In a way, it is the same as with any other sin: the first time is the hardest, but afterwards, it becomes a habit. After going to a sorcerer once, it is almost impossible to keep oneself from coming again and again. Everyone who has resourced to occultism will tell you this, even if it was fortune-telling on cards. Try getting a fortune teller to give up their cards. It is the same as taking a bottle away from an alcoholic.

Also, healers cannot cure advanced chronic conditions, such as diabetes – so their ability is limited, and God does not allow us a temptation that we cannot overcome.
We must remember that a physical cure – and even physical life itself – are not always a blessing. Physical torments may lead us to God and repentance. The devil does not want this; he wants us to be horrified of our condition in the other world, where it will not be possible to repent.

The Church teaches us to see doctors and supplement this with praying, attending Molebens and partaking of the Holy Sacraments of Confession, the Eucharist and Unction. On in this way can we bring healing to our spirits and bodies. It calls us not to see physical health as a goal in itself and to entrust the outcome to the will of God. Eternal salvation is more important than temporary relief to the physical body.

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds

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