Can I Consecrate a Cross Myself?

Q: Is it possible to consecrate a cross by yourself at home, or is it still better to go to church and ask a priest to do it? Thank you in advance for your response.

A: The rite of consecration of a next-to-skin cross is a special rule, which, according to the liturgical charter, is supposed to be performed by a priest at church, and moreover a cross must be on the altar during the service. This rule is quite small, just two prayers, in which the priest calls the grace of the Holy Spirit upon a cross and upon a person who will wear it.

The life of a modern person is full of worries and bustle, except for work and family troubles, a person is distracted by a lot of entertainments. There is a real battle going on for our time and attention. In such a whirlwind, the Church very often finds herself on the periphery of a person’s life. I would advise you to use every opportunity to go to church and pray, including the need to consecrate a next-to-skin cross.

Translated by the Catalogue of Good Deeds

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