“You Are Trying in Vain. She Has Two Days Maximum Left to Live,” – A Story About A Miracle in Intensive Care

It happened in 2011. At the time I was having meetings with the Orthodox Women League representatives. One of our conversations turned to some entrepreneurs building a new church. Presumably they had spent close to 3 million roubles only on a fund-raising campaign.  I did not know if it was true or not, but sighed bitterly: “For this money I could build a chapel…” It seemed like nobody paid any attention to my regret.

A week later the bishop summons me. Someone had already reported to him that I was the priest who could build a chapel for 3 million. The bishop says, “Well, since you’ve said that you can build it – go ahead!” And he gave his blessing to organize the construction of a chapel on the territory of the city hospital.

I went to the hospital and spoke with the head physician. At first he looked at me skeptically, but then we agreed. We opened a small prayer room, 6 square meters, on the hospital grounds. The prayer began, and the funds began to appear. We dug a pit, raised the plinth and began to serve the Liturgy in the cryptic church. Later we started using that church for baptisms.

One day a woman in her 60s comes down to our church crying. She comes up to me and says: For God’s sake, pray for us, Father. Things are bad. My daughter is in the intensive care. She was diagnosed with pancreatic necrosis. Death is the only outcome this disease has.”

The girl’s name was Lyubov. I went to the intensive care unit and asked the nurses to help me find her. They showed me to the room and added something like: “She has two days maximum left. Not a chance… You are trying in vain. The girl’s pancreas has simply “dissolved”.”

I took the Small Euchologion with some holy water and began to come to Lyubov twice a day. A day has passed, and then another… Then came the term that the doctors had set for her, the third day, which, according to all forecasts, she should not survive. But there she was alive in front of me on the third day.

And then… Then something happened that no one, not even me, could have expected. My visits continued for a week, and then another week. On the third week Lyubov was discharged! She is alive and well to this day.

After some time the head physician calls. In a strict, scientific manner he reports:”This incredible case of healing from incurable pancreatic necrosis was recorded by a panel of doctors and submitted to the archives of the Russian Health Ministry as an extraordinary and inexplicable medical phenomenon.”

In gratitude for the prayers, the girl’s family helped us install the dome on our temple, the one whose history once began with my sigh about the three-million chapel.

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds
Source: https://foma.ru/ej-dva-dnja-maksimum-zhit-ostalos-zrja-staraeshsja-istorija-pro-chudo-v-reanimacii.html

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