Instructions of the Elder Silouan

“O peoples of the earth, I kneel before you and beseech you with tears: come to Christ. I know His love for you. I know it and therefore I shout all across the earth. If I did not know, how would I talk about it? “

“The Lord loves us, and therefore we can fear nothing but sin, because sin makes us lose grace. Without the grace of God, the enemy will drive the soul, like the wind carries smoke or a dry leaf.”

“We perceive God’s love for us by the grace that He gives to the soul. Even little grace, if it is present in the human soul, fills it with peace and love for the Lord and neighbor. But there is also the great love. It makes the soul forget the whole world. “

“If people knew the Lord and how merciful, humble and meek He is, then in ONE HOUR the face of the whole world would change, and everyone would have great joy and love.”

“People do not know this secret, but John the Evangelist clearly said: Let us be like Him – and this means not only after death but also now, for the Merciful Lord sent the Holy Spirit to earth. The Holy Spirit lives in our Church. He lives in blameless shepherds. He lives in the hearts of believers. He teaches the soul about the feat. He gives us strength to fulfil the commandments of the Lord. He instructs us in every truth. He adorned the man in such a way that the man became like God. “

“Unceasing prayer comes from love, but it is easy to lose it as a result of judging others, idle talk or incontinence. He who loves God can think of Him day and night, because no works can interfere with our love for God. The apostles loved the Lord, and the world did not bother them, although they remembered it, prayed for it, and preached in it.”

“The soul spends its whole life struggling with thoughts. But do not be discouraged by the struggle, for the Lord loves a courageous fighter. “

“Love can be small or average. There is also perfect love. The closer to perfect your love, the more complete your knowledge becomes. The more you love, the greater is the suffering of your soul. The fuller your love becomes, the more comprehensive is the knowledge; the more ardent the love, the more fervent the prayer; the closer to perfect the love, the more holy the life. “

“He who fears sin loves God. Whoever has adoration loves more. He who has light and joy in his soul loves more still. Whoever has grace in both soul and body has perfect love. The Holy Spirit gave such grace to martyrs, and it helped them courageously endure all the sufferings. “

“The leaf that you needlessly ripped off the tree is green. This is not a sin, but still you regret it for some reason, for once the heart has learned to love, it pities every creature. Man is a great creation. If you see a man who is lost and dying, then cry and pray for him if you can, or, if you cannot, then at least sigh for him before God. The soul that does so is loved by God for it becomes like Him. “

St Silouan the Athonite is commemorated on September 24 (September 11 by old calendar)

The Lord is our Father. From the Works of St Silouan the Athonite


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