Convent’s Stories: About Holy Communion

Archpriest Andrew Lemeshonok narrates:

– Many years ago, in the 2nd city hospital, I gave Communion to the sick. And I was very tormented by the thought that many people whom I gave Communion to had lived their whole life without repentance, and were receiving Communion without realizing that the sacrament had taken place. “Probably, I’m committing a big sin, I give the shrine to such people…” – such was my struggle. And then one day I was waiting at a bus stop and suddenly a taxi drove up:

– Father, sit down, I’ll give you a lift.

And during the trip, the driver says:

– You know, I was in the 2nd hospital, you gave me Communion. I understood nothing then, but after I began to read Our Father and other prayers, I am going to go to church…

And then I felt that God answered my doubts in such a way. Of course, that person did not understand what happened, but the meeting took place.


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