What to Do when Life Reaches a Dead End?

Who among us is insured against deadlock situations in life? We all tend to fall into a dead end that, as it seems, has no way out. Apparently we would all perish if every Sunday in the temple of God we did not hear the Gospel, that is, the good news about how to be saved.

It’s a paradox, but the more zealously a person tries to please God, the more difficult situations he faces. “As many as I love, I rebuke,” says the Lord (see Rev. 3:19). Only those who are lying down, that is, those who do nothing, are not beaten.

Today we listened to the Gospel about the healing by the Savior of two blind people and a dumb demon-possessed person. The blind followed Christ and asked: “Have mercy on us, Jesus, Son of David!” Christ asked them: “Do you believe that I can do this?” They answered yes. Then Christ touched their eyes and said: “According to your faith be it unto you.” And the blind men received their sight. Then Christ goes and heals the dumb demon-possessed person. He became calm and began to speak. And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, healing every sickness and every disease among the people (see Matt. 9: 27-35).

Some of the interpreters of the Gospel see in the petition with which the blind turned to Christ, the beginning of the Jesus prayer: “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” Most of the holy fathers of the Church drew attention to the great power of this prayer.

The prayer consists of two parts. In the first, dogmatic part, we confess divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in the second, moral and practical, we confess our sinfulness and ask Christ to have mercy on us. Thus, this prayer helps to maintain balance in spiritual life. It does not allow to go to extremes: to pride – because of the fact that we believe in such God Who is God above all gods, and to despair, from the feeling of our own sinfulness and insignificance.

When the blind with such a prayer approach the Savior, He, according to their faith, gives them sight.

We can also be blind, not knowing what to do in a hopeless situation. But when we remember that the Almighty God is above us, and a hair shall not fall on the ground without His will, and at the same time we critically evaluate ourselves, we realize that in fact we suffer for our sins, then the Lord touches us with His grace and we we become sighted, we begin to see clearly where to go.

This Sunday we have a vivid example of spiritual enlightenment in the person of St. Mary Magdalene, Equal to the Apostles. According to Church Tradition, before her conversion to Christ, she was a great harlot, but when grace touched her heart, she became a relentless companion of the Savior. Even when it seemed that the whole world had turned its back on Christ, she and other women, even before sunrise, rush to anoint His body with expensive fragrances. For this, Mary is one of the first to receive the joyful news of the Resurrection of Christ.

So, dear brothers and sisters, remember that there are no desperate situations. If we are with Christ, then there is a way out of any dead end, we should just keep faith in the Savior and at the same time realize our sinfulness. Amen.

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