“The Woman Said She Was Going to Commit Suicide” – a Real Story from a Priest’s Life

This happened in the early years of my priestly ministry and I shall never forget it. One time, in our church shop, they gave me an address asking to consecrate a flat. I phoned the hostess and set up a time. I came there, rang the buzzer, introduced myself as a priest, went up to the flat I needed.

A crying woman met me. It was impossible to miss that she was out of it, acting confusedly and repeating that she was glad of my arrival. I performed the rite order. The woman became noticeably calmer and decided to talk to me.

It turned out that she had serious problems in life. She felt so awful that by the time I arrived she almost had already decided … to take her own life! “That’s quite a twist”, – I was thinking, understanding nothing so far. So, intending to make a desperate step, she suddenly heard the buzzer ring.

It turned out she was not waiting for me. Upon hearing through the buzzer that a priest had come, the woman decided that one of her friends was having a little fun. And when she saw me on the doorstep, she thought that friends who were aware of her problems wanted to help her in such a way.

I double-checked the address on the note – no, that was right, I did not make a mistake. Then I dialed the phone number from the same scrap of paper – and suddenly it turned out that the address was initially written incorrectly! The same street, the same flat number, but the other house. Other people invited me, and I got there by accident. Or rather by Providence.

The woman said that she saw the hand of God in this situation, and now she would live in peace, knowing that the Lord did not leave her. But for me, this coincidence was another example of how God helps people with their troubles.

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds
Source: https://foma.ru/zhenshhina-skazala-chto-sobiraetsya-poko.html

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