Something Your Eyes Do Not See and Your Ears Do Not Hear Cannot Reach Your Heart

A young man came up to a priest and said:

-I will not go to church anymore!

The priest asked:

– Why?

The young man replied:

– I saw one sister saying mean things to another, all the parishioners look at their phone during the service, and these are just a few problems that I have noticed…

The priest said:

-Okay, but before you leave, do me a favor: take a full glass of water and walk around the Church three times without spilling a single drop on the floor. After that, leave the Church if you want.

The young guy thought it was too easy!

And he walked around three times, as the priest asked. When he finished, he told the priest that everything was ready.

And the priest asked:

– While walking around the Church, have you seen a sister saying mean things to another sister?

The guy answered:


-Have you seen somebody looking at their phone?


-You know why?


-You were focused on the glass trying not to spill water.

The same thing happens with our lives. When our attention is focused on our Lord Jesus Christ, we do not have time to see the mistakes of other people!

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds

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