Secret Angel 2018: It’s All Thanks to You!

The period of Christmas fast and the Nativity of the Savior itself is a special time. Every Christian looks forward to this moment. We are living biblical events over and over again, try to purify ourselves and become better during fast, look for a guiding star in our daily lives and, just like children, wait for a miracle.

However right next to us there are those for whom a new toy, objects for creativity and development, chocolate or even small sweets are already a miracle. Children and adults with special needs of psychophysical development, who live permanently in boarding homes, perceive the world around them in a different way. They rejoice at small things and open their hearts full of love… Often, sisters of mercy become family and closest people to them.

This inspired us, the team of the Catalogue of St. Elisabeth Convent, to organize a charity event Secret Angel last November. Then, with your help, we collected coloring books, educational toys and sweets that were bought with donated money. During this event, 27 toys and 55 coloring books were collected, as well as a certain amount of money that was spent on sweet treats. All those gifts were addressed to the children’s department at one of these boarding homes, namely to those children who live permanently within its walls.

The Catalogue of St. Elisabeth Convent warmly thanks each of you for participating in the completed charity event Secret Angel.

This year, we once again invite you to become a Secret Angel for special children. A special section with the products of our workshops will reappear on the Catalogue website. You can transfer a donation for one or more of these products, and our team will send your gift to children or adults of one of the boarding homes or women’s rehabilitation center that our nuns and sisters of mercy visit.

This Christmas, with God’s help we can give joy to our neighbors together!

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