I Want To Resign. How Do I Make The Right Decision?

Question: Father, if my job is no longer satisfying, my health deteriorates, my team is uninvolved, and my management makes excessive demands, what should I do: quit my job or treat such a situation as obedience?

Answer: It takes some deliberation. There are certain economic aspects: you may have to pay some debts and you may need to support your family. If you have a decent salary now and it is likely to be much lower elsewhere, then maybe you should reconcile and tolerate it.

The question is, to which extent is it possible to keep conforming to it? I think that if you suffer internal damage, if you lose peace in your soul at this workplace, you will hardly be able to restore that peace at any cost.

That’s why I suggest that you think hard about it. Think about your financial situation and other people’s dependence on you, think about whether you can safely leave a place that you no longer like, where you feel that you do not get anything but rather lose something.

Wherever you are, you have to be patient; you have to humble yourself and overcome difficulties at any job. Sure, if you feel that everything has become burdensome and frustrating, and if it is possible to find something new, it may have some effect on your state of mind, too. It often happens that a person works hard and can no longer see the point in it, and then he or she gets interested in some new task or project and lights up. Of course, it may not last, but a new stage in our lives is almost certain to cheer us up.

Look before you leap. You should consider where you want to go, what for, why, what are the pros and cons of your decision, and then you can take the leap. Just make sure it’s all thought through.

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds
Source: https://obitel-minsk.ru/chitat/den-za-dnyom/2019/xochu-uvolitsya-kak-prinyat-pravilnoe-reshenie

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