The Parable about the Poor Man and the Grocer

The wife of one poor man cooked butter, and he sold it to one of the groceries. She cooked circle-shaped butter, weighing 1 kg. And he sold it to the grocer and bought everything he needed for his house.

One day, the grocer doubted the weight of the butter he bought and, after weighing each circle, he saw that they weigh only 900 grams each. He was angry at the poor man. The next day, when the poor man came to him, he met him in a rage:

– I will not buy from you anymore, because you sell me butter, saying that it weighs a kilogram, but it weighs only 900 grams!

Then the poor man, discouraged, bowed his head and said:

– Oh my lord, we do not have weights, but I bought sugar from you and made it a measure for me to weigh our butter with it.

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds

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  1. A good parable. I suggest that, in the English translation, the word “made” should be substituted for the word “cooked”.

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