Man Is the Conductor of Love

Man must live in the presence of God, so that our ways can be right.

Due to the fact that the Man desired to live on his own, in his own way, he lost touch with his Creator and lost the ability to love. Without love, life becomes lifeless; without love, there is no life. This is because God is Love, and Man was designed by the Creator as a conductor of love.

We can talk about a lot of things, we can justify ourselves a lot, we can blame everyone around us for our troubles. What really matters is that the person does not possess this light, without which he is in the dark. In that case, a person doesn’t know what he is doing, where he is going, because everything is contingent on circumstance, on his mood, on some external factors… Just one word can spoil his mood and one thought can lead to a breakdown. That is why we come to the church. It makes us able to restore our connection with God and get the love we cannot live without.

Repentance is also about the love of God for man. We have come to ask for God’s help and forgiveness for living unwisely and for wasting time and energy on folly. As we rely on our own strength, we are often frustrated and upset. Therefore, it is very important for us to look at ourselves and make the right conclusions so that something would change in our lives, so as not to repeat the mistakes that we have already made. It takes patience and humility. Patience means that every time we get up, we should start our day with prayer and try not to lose touch with God. We should begin it in the morning and not stop it until the night. I say, more than they that watch for the morning. Let Israel hope in the Lord (cf. Psalm 130:6-7).

We must not disrupt our relationship with God, but, unfortunately, sin often manages to do so. When a person gets furious or judgmental; when a person imagines something in his head; when a person locks his heart, he is no longer a conductor of God. He is already a conductor of sin.

If we don’t keep the light in our hearts, there will be darkness, and this darkness will prevent our loved ones from living happily. It will harm the people around us. Therefore, we ask the Lord to strengthen us along the way. This way is the only one we have, that is, Christ’s way.

May God help us all!

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