Why It Is not Enough to Be Just Kind for Love

‘In Her Care’ by Zhuzhu

We strive to demonstrate our love to God by external actions, good deeds. But in reality, this should not be a priority in our spiritual life.

The adequate response to the love of the Creator is the acceptance of all these opportunities that He gives us, discovery of these our abilities that He has granted to us, the recreation of that inner person who will go to Him in eternity.

The Lord created each of us for eternity. And reaching this eternity is our life goal.

Good deeds are not love yet.

«Love is something much more tough and beautiful than just kindness. <…> If God is Love then He is certainly something bigger than kindness… He often judged us but He never treated us with disregard. He showed us His respect towards us with His love in its deepest, in its most tragic and inevitable sense», – Clive Lewis wrote.

Kindness is the wish for a neighbor to avoid suffering at all costs, but love is above it. Love, which conquered death, thinks from the standpoint of eternity: will it benefit the human soul, will suffering bring him to eternal life? And if the crisis will lead a person to changes for the better, then it should not be avoided; you can help him to overcome it, you can support him and give him a hand, but do not try to save him from it.

Wanting somebody to be happy is kindness, but not love. You do not want to wish your loved ones despised and stained “happiness.”

We are commanded: Seek God! It means to strive for a true life, and to seek happiness only in it. True life is revealed when we get closer to God.

It is important to adjust all your feelings, thoughts, soul, and mind to God, to knowledge of Him. “God is the last and highest object of desires, nothing is further”, – St. Gregory the Theologian teaches.

He is the top of all our knowledge and feelings. This top is reachable and unreachable at the same time, relating to the terrestrial nature and going upwards. The top that connects earth and heaven.

Those who perfect themselves in ascension and the knowledge of God can feel the gleams of heavenly glory in this earthly life.

Our damaged being is purified, made strong and healthy, it comprehends the truth and unites with God through the power of faith and love. And such a striving for unity is the main manifestation of love of creation towards its Creator.

To love God is to please Him always in everything.  To love God is to be constantly inspired by His love. To love God is to serve Him as He wants it.

To love God means not to be afraid of the height He raises each of us to.

Translated by The Catalog of Good Deeds

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