Theophan the Recluse on God’s Nature

(Acts 20:16–18, 28–36; John 17:1–13)

Arius denied the divinity of the Son of God and his being of the same nature as his Father. The entire Church rose against him. All Christians in all corners of the world confessed unanimously that the Lord Jesus Christ is God’s only begotten Son, God of God, born and not created, and that He has the same nature as the Father.

One could think that this unanimity was something of an accident; but this faith endured a fiery test when the imperial power and aristocrats began to support the Arians. Neither fire and sword nor persecutions could do away with the faith of the Church. It was confessed again by everyone everywhere as soon as oppression faded. It means that this doctrine is at the heart of the Church and is the cornerstone of her belief system.

Glory be to the Lord who preserves this faith in us! As long as we have it, we are still Christians even though we live poorly; as soon as it disappears, Christianity will perish.

Translated by The Catalog of Good Deeds

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