How a Muslim Man Turned to Christ

It happened to me in Germany, in the city of Cologne. I must admit that I can’t recall the name of the main character so let’s call him George. I visited a parish of the Antiochian Orthodox Church. Most of its parishioners were Orthodox Turks. We had a pleasant conversation. There was a young man sitting beside me. He couldn’t help closing his eyes as if he was falling asleep. I asked the other parishioners if he needed any help. I thought that he wasn’t feeling well. That’s what they told me.
George had been a Muslim born to a Muslim family. He had honored the traditions of his faith since his childhood. He was conscripted into the Turkish Army when he was 20.
Soon, his whole life changed. Accidentally, he found a Gospel in a distant corner of his barrack. It is unknown how it got there. George didn’t tell anyone about it. He read the whole book in a week. That week was enough for George to invite Christ into his heart. Officers found the Gospel and suggested that George “throw that hogwash out of his head” and continue his military service. However, George was adamant in professing his newfound faith. They threw him into a military prison and tried to root out his faith by blandishment and torture. It didn’t yield any result. They damaged George’s kidneys and injured his head until he became practically deaf and started having severe headaches, which caused his falling asleep in any place and at any time (and I saw it myself). They kept him incarcerated for many months and then kicked him out of jail after they made an irreparable damage to his health. Turkish Orthodox Christians from Germany heard his story and took him to Germany in order to save him. He was baptised and became an Orthodox Christian. When I heard his story, I had a conversation with George. I’ll never forget his words, “There is nothing keeping me here on earth. I’m looking forward to meeting my Father!”
I never saw George again. I don’t know what happened to him later. I hope that his dream will come true. When I recall his story, I ask myself, “Am I capable of such sacrifice?” I have no answer…
December 12, 2018
St. Elisabeth Convent
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