This Fall the Monastic Choir of St. Elisabeth Convent Comes to England with Its Charitable Concerts

On SEPTEMBER 29 – OCTOBER 7, 2018 the MONASTIC CHOIR of St Elisabeth Convent will have another charitable concert tour. The sisters will present their programme in the parishes of London, Oxford, Colchester, Peterborough. The tour will end in Oxford where the choir is going to participate in the Liturgy in the parish of St Nicholas.

The programme of the concerts includes orthodox worship chants, as well as traditional spiritual songs. You will have an opportunity to hear ancient Znamenny, Valaam, Byzantine and Greek chants, as well as some Old-Bulgarian, Macedonian and Georgian canticles. Some of them will be performed in their original form, while the rest have been arranged at some point in time, which makes it easier for a contemporary listener to perceive them.

The Precentor of the choir and composer of many songs which can be heard in the programme “Sing to the Lord, All Earth” is a monastic sister of St Elisabeth Convent nun Juliania (Denisova).

Members of the Choir

Charitable events of the choir always attract interest of the public. Sisters are known and loved in many European countries. It is one of the most renowned  choirs on the post-USSR territory which performs spiritual music. 

Most of the choir members are professional musicians, but apart from singing each of them has an important obedience in the Convent. Sisters work in the workshops, edit books, help with the organization of charitable projects. Obediences are different, but the thing that unites everyone is the love of singing. 

Programme of the Concert:

1) Trisagion

2) Rejoice, O Life-Bearing Cross

3) It is Truly Meet

4) O All-Praised Mother

5) Song of the Theotokos

6) I shall Open My Mouth (fragments)

7) When Israel Walked. Irmoses of the Canon of Repentance

8) Glory to God for Everything

9) On a Holy Mount

10) What Does the Motherland Begin With?

11) Give Grace O God

12) Kupalinka

13) In the Night Garden

14) French Christmas Carol

15) Many Years

All concerts are being held to support the Convent’s social projects. Sisters take care of the patients of hospitals, boarding homes, Tuberculosis Clinic, and residents of the orphanages. Saint Elisabeth Convent operates two rehabilitation centres for men and women where the sisters try to bring homeless people, ex-prisoners, alcohol and drug addicts back to normal life.

After each concert there will be a small fair with the display of the items made in the workshops of the Convent. By purchasing those items you make your contribution to the development of important social projects: rehabilitation of people with addictions, socialization of people suffering from psychoneurological diseases, etc.


Learn more on the Heart 2 Heart Festival site

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