Are We to Blame for Our Relatives’ Problems?

Question: Dear Father Andrew, I would like to hear the answer from our Lord through you. My mother was ill with cancer, and now my younger brother is ill with cancer, too… Am I guilty of anything? Should I blame myself, given that they are my close relatives? Xenia.
Fr. Andrew Lemeshonok

Answer: We must be aware of our guilt. We all are guilty of not being patient, not listening, and not loving each other. This is the reality of our today’s life where no one gets enough attention and patient attitude.

However, we must be extremely cautious, you know, when we talk about the life of a human being, about God’s Providence, the way to salvation, or God’s blessing. If one falls seriously ill, it’s a trial. Every one of us has his or her own cross, and we must follow in the footsteps of Christ carrying it. Of course, we have the same purpose but the obstacles that we encounter on our road may vary. We have to overcome lots of hindrances, illnesses, and sorrows.
I believe that we must be aware of our guilt with regard to others but at the same time, we must realise that everyone’s life is in God’s hands. If God lets some trouble like a disease to happen to us, it is providential and spiritually meaningful. Sometimes we don’t want to accept, let alone understand it, because we grieve and protest. Nevertheless, we all must humble ourselves down and see God act in the illnesses that our loved ones have to suffer from. The health issues are a reflection of God’s love, for sure, and we’ll make the right choice if we help our loved one to pull through these hardships without losing God, without getting desperate or depressed. This is what you should do now. May God grant you strength and wisdom.
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